JDI's Quality System

JDI’s quality system has been ISO certified for over 20 years. Just like many customers’ quality requirements, our procedures have evolved and continue to allow us to maintain the adherence and consistency of all parts that we supply. While there are many different facets to our quality system, we are happy to review our manual with any customer that may want to further understand.
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JDI uses a variety of techniques to deliver and maintain the level of quality that we commit ourselves to. Several of those techniques are:

  • Statistical Process Control
  • Design of Experiment
  • PFMEA 
  • First Article Inspection/PPAP
  • Traceability documentation from material arrival to part shipment
  • Continuous improvement program
  • Corrective action program
  • Holistic gauge and instrument calibration

Inspection Process

Even though JDI invests in manufacturing consistency through well-built equipment and employee training, we also employ rigorous inspection processes that validate the consistency and compliance of the parts that we produce. These processes give our customers peace of mind that every part they receive from us is exactly as they are expecting it to be. Our typical inspection process includes:
  • First piece inspection
  • In-process inspection (daily and random)
  • Final lot approval inspection
  • Lot sample retention

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