Precision Injection Molding Capabilities

Complex parts with many intricacies are often what give manufacturers a difficult time in being able to replicate the part that a customer has designed and requires. We specialize in producing the parts that many other molders feel aren’t worth the time and headaches that it takes to perfect a complex component. Using the experience that we have in the industry and our scientific molding practices, we are able to overcome any issue that a part presents and replicate parts to the finest tolerances.

Molding parts to these tolerances requires state-of-the-art and well-maintained presses, in addition to quality auxiliary equipment such as dryers and temperature controllers. Our broad assortment of molding machines and skillset across our team allows us to produce the most complex part types with extreme consistency and deliver them in a just-in-time inventory management style.

Injection Molding

We have experience molding a variety of resins from commodity to engineering grades, with and without additives. Some of the of the common most common variants include:

  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS
  • Styrene
  • PVC (Rigid and Flexible)
  • TPE
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • Acetal
  • LCP
  • PEEK
  • Polysulfone
  • PET
  • Acrylic
  • Many more!
machine disassemble

Value-Added Capabilities

By employing a widely-capable assembly department, we are able to take the extra step for our customers by performing secondary operations, decorating and assembly right on site. Our assembly department is completely customizable to the needs of our customers’ products. Our goal is to be able to take your products from start to finish.

We Currently Offer:

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