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JDI Plastics is a custom injection molding company that specializes in providing products at the highest quality standards, while simplifying our customers’ supply chains through production management and value-added services. We tailor our services and requirements around the needs of each individual customer, which allows us to provide the highest level of service at a very competitive price.

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JDI uses a variety of techniques to deliver and maintain the level of quality that we commit ourselves to.

Inspection Process

We employ rigorous inspection processes that validate the consistency and compliance of the parts that we produce.

Company Capabilities

Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Services

At the heart of our business, JDI offers a broad range of custom injection molding services that allow us to properly serve the needs of our customers no matter the industry, volume or complexity.

Secondary Assembly Services

Secondary Assembly Services

In addition to injection molding, we offer a variety of secondary assembly tasks, which help JDI provide a one-stop solution for many different product requirements. 

Markets Served

We tailor our services and requirements around the needs of each individual customer, which allows us to provide the best performance at a very competitive price. We are proud to be able to offer our customers more solutions so that they can narrow down their supply chain and supplier base.







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Plastic Injection Molding Company: An In-depth Explanation

The wonders of modern engineering and manufacturing often pass under our radar. Yet every single day we encounter countless items that owe their existence to a process known as plastic injection molding. Who are the architects behind this? Plastic Injection Molding Companies. But what are they? How do they operate? Read on to find out!

What is an injection molding company?


An injection molding company is a specialized entity that uses a technical process to transform thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers into intricate designs and structures. By melting plastic granules and injecting them into carefully designed molds under high pressure, they can produce standardized plastic components. This method, highly valued for its precision and scalability, supports many different industries, facilitating the creation of products with consistent quality and specifications. The expertise in such companies encompasses both mold design and the nuances of the molding process itself.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Choosing the Right Plastic: Not all plastics are made equal. Depending on what the final product will be used for – be it a toy, a car part, or a medical device – the right type of plastic needs to be chosen for durability, flexibility, and safety.
  • Design for Manufacturing: Often times the designer of a part may not realize that the part’s design is not optimized for the plastic injection molding process.  Here, an engineer reviews the design and recommends any changes that could benefit the part or aid in lowering its cost to produce.
  • Designing the Mold: This step is critical. Skilled engineers and designers collaborate to create molds that are not only accurate but also durable. It’s like designing the perfect blueprint for a home you’d be building over and over again.
  • Mass Production: Once the design is nailed down and the perfect plastic is picked, the company’s machinery goes to work. This means churning out products by the hundreds, thousands, or even millions!

Why They Matter

In today’s interconnected, modern world, the products these companies produce are virtually everywhere. Think of all of the products they make! The seemingly trivial, like the cap of your favorite pen. The essential items, like components in life-saving medical equipment. They ensure the durability, functionality, and safety of countless plastic parts.

What is the average cost of an injection mold?

Factors Influencing Cost

Costs can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Size of the Mold: The size of a mold directly correlates with the resources it demands. A mold designed to craft a simple button will invariably consume fewer materials, time, and expertise compared to a mold for the robust bumper of a full-sized vehicle. The sheer size difference dictates the cost.
  • Complexity: The design intricacies of a product play a pivotal role in shaping the mold’s architecture. Envision a product teeming with minuscule details, nuanced features, undercuts, and threads; such designs necessitate molds of heightened complexity. This means a surge in production time, expertise, and, by extension, costs. 
  • Material Used: Different levels of complexity and life cycle expectations require different materials to be used in a mold’s production.  While there are many different metals that can be used, they all have their own benefits in terms of lifespan, maintenance, and ease of machining.

Ballpark Figures

It’s challenging to pin down an exact figure without specifics. As a general guide, molds for smaller items can range from $5,000 to $15,000. However, if you’re looking at large-scale, intricate items, the mold’s cost alone could shoot up to $100,000 or more.

Why the Price Tag?

Just like an artist’s brush or a chef’s knife, the mold in injection molding is the primary tool of the trade. It needs to be perfect, durable, and capable of consistent performance. Investing in a high-quality mold ensures that every single product is up to standard – justifying its price.

What is the lifespan of an injection mold?

Average Lifespan

A well-maintained mold, constructed with care and precision, can last an impressively long time. Their lifespan can be anywhere between a couple thousand for a prototype mold to a mind-blowing 1,000,000+ cycles.

Factors Affecting Lifespan

  • Maintenance: The care and upkeep of a mold are paramount to its efficiency and longevity. By consistently ensuring regular cleaning, preventative maintenance checks, and necessary adjustments, a mold remains in optimal condition, offering high performance and endurance for years to come.
  • Material Used: The substance that forms a mold plays an instrumental role in determining its life expectancy. Harder plastics, despite their robust nature, can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Their strength can inadvertently lead to a quicker deterioration of the mold. This emphasizes the need to choose materials judiciously based on the application.
  • Mold Complexity: The design intricacies of a mold can be a determining factor in its resilience. Molds adorned with delicate details and multifaceted structures demand heightened attention and care. Such complexity, while essential for specific applications, might render the mold more susceptible to wear and tear in comparison to molds that have a more uncomplicated design ethos.


Refurbishing Plastic Molds: Refurbishing molds is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. This practice restores molds, extending their life and promoting consistent output. It also reduces the need for frequent new investments.

Both replacement and refurbishment emphasize a commitment to production excellence, ensuring end products always match their original designs.

What is the future of injection molding?

Technological Advancements

The fusion of technology with injection molding promises exciting developments. Continuously improving energy efficiency, machine learning-driven optimizations, and faster cycling are just the tip of the iceberg.

Eco-friendly Plastics

The plastic industry isn’t lagging behind in the global push towards a more sustainable society. Research into biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastics is robust and promises a future where plastic products leave a minimal environmental footprint.  Many parts have the ability to be opted into using recycled materials in their production.


Continued advancements in the industry will bring more efficient processes and equipment. Injection molding is expected to evolve to accommodate custom designs and small-batch productions more economically.

The importance of choosing the right molding company

In this booming industry, it’s crucial to partner with a Plastic Injection Molding Company that resonates with your goals and values. Beyond just costs, factors like their technological adoption, environmental considerations, customer service, and reputation in the market can play a significant role in ensuring successful collaborations. Thorough research and detailed conversations with management are vital when choosing a company to do business with.


The industry of Injection Molding is vast, intricate, and immensely impactful. Their contribution to our modern lives is undeniable yet often overlooked. As consumers, understanding this world offers a new lens of appreciation for the everyday items we often take for granted.